Access Control

Capital Protection offers reliable and experienced gated community security services at competitive rates throughout the State of Florida. We understand that when residents choose to live in a gated community security, safety, and privacy are of the utmost importance. The end result will always be access controlled by ensuring that we always receive authorization and document all of the visitors and contractors entering our community.


We are experts in vehicle and foot patrols due to only hiring the best in the industry. Our field training officers properly trains each one of our patrol officers in alarm monitoring and response, parking enforcement, periodic and random mobile patrols, fire watch, and emergency response. We also rely on state of the art technology to monitor our patrol guards and to document every task being conducted in your property. We will daily provide you with activity, incident and maintenance reports through email.

Event Security

When it comes to private or public parties / events, you can trust that our vigilant guards will be up for the task at hand whether it is crowed management or simply a crime deterrent. Although we specialize in armed security, our officers are trained in non lethal procedures and also basic life support. We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of event or corporate gathering. Contact ustoday and book our services for your nightclub, event or party.

Procession Escort

Since 2015, management at Capital Protection Bureau has been providing procession services for funeral homes throughout South Florida and even caters to weddings. We have mastered and trained in this field to ensure that the procession of vehicles arrives to the destination safely and that no one is left behind. Through constant communication and single decision making from the procession leader we provide a service best described as “Professional”.

Randomized Security patrols and Parking Enforcement

We understand that although all communities and shopping centers need security patrols and parking enforcement, not all of them are able to afford it. With our randomized security patrol division, we can cater to even the smallest communities or businesses by randomly distributing a guard to patrol the area at different times throughout the day and night. We offer these services starting at as little as $500.00 a month (depending on the location) throughout Palm Beach County. We work closely with multiple towing companies and even Palm Beach County Booting LLC to immobilize the vehicles in violation.

Next Step…

If you are in need of any of our services, contact us at your earliest convenience for a free consultation. We can prepare a proposal to your custom security needs within 24 hours. Allow us to provide you with Security You Can Count On.